Today, both commercial and military suppliers are faced with complicated import and export restrictions. Failure to comply with these restrictions could mean very substantial penalties for your organization. Frequently, Customs Brokers do not have the familiarity to properly categorize technical components, data and services.

This is where we can help you. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

RCM’s staff is highly trained to support both Jurisdiction & Classification and Harmonized Tariff Scheduling efforts. In order to best support your needs, we can also perform either point-of-origin or point-of-export jurisdiction & classification activities, in accordance with ITC regulations, prior to your planned data export. 

RCM’s J&C service can help your organization: 

  • Comply with Export Administration Regulations (EAR), International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), and the U.S. Harmonized Tariff Schedule when exporting/importing commodities, technical data, and services.  
  • Avoid the risk of penalties that can result in fines, debarment of trade privileges, or imprisonment.  

Our staff of engineers uses a systematic, auditable process to correctly determine the: 

  • Department of Commerce’s Commerce Control List (CCL) or U.S. Department of State’s U.S. Munitions List (USML) jurisdiction.  
  • Proper Export Control Classification Number (ECCN) or ITAR USML Category/Sub-category. 
  • Reasonable care for tariff classification. We also research the availability of EAR exceptions or ITAR exemptions and determine the Schedule B numbers and HTS Codes.