The metal processing industry can utilize Thermal Kinetics’ hot oil scrubber process systems for new projects, modernization, or retrofit projects. Heavy oil scrubber systems can also be provided; these systems utilize advanced, high-capacity structured packing which maximizes the surface contact area.

Fully integrated process systems development and design, detailed equipment design and supply, and commissioning and start-up services are offered in these projects. The team at Thermal Kinetics works to provide chemicals recovery and associated chemical services, emission control systems, and recovery of chemicals and waste streams from manufacturing processes.

Why Thermal Kinetics

  • Proven Experience to meet all Mill Coolant Carbon Chain Properties
  • Specialized Scrubber Oil Distribution System
  • Utilizes Advanced, High-capacity Structured Packing
  • Process Simulation to Develop Best Operating Conditions
  • Guides Customer through New, Modernization and Retro-fit Projects
  • All Systems Custom Designed to Achieve Optimum Results

Rolling Oil Recovery

  • Pre-distillation deaeration for Longer Heavy Oil Life
  • Heat Integration for Maximum Thermal Efficiency
  • Four-step Distillation for Rolling Oil Purification and Recovery
  • High Vacuum, Three-stage System
  • Automated Hot Oil Control for Three stages of Heat Management

Known as a leader in developing specialized processes, Thermal Kinetics strengths include:

  • Complex Heat and Mass Transfer Solutions
  • Defining and working with Exotic Materials of Construction
  • State-of-the-art Design and Calculation Programs
  • Project Management, Start-up and Commissioning

Typical equipment for the metal processing industry includes:

  • Scrubber Columns with Packing and Distributor
  • Deaeration Columns with Packing and Distributor
  • Distillation Columns with Structured Packing, Support Grids, and Distributors
  • Hot Oil Heated Bayonet Immersion Heater Reboilers
  • Overhead Condensers
  • Heat Exchangers for Preheating and Heavy Cooling
  • Pumps
  • High Vacuum Modular Skids
  • Instrumentation and Control Valves
  • PLC with Graphical Operator Interface and Control Panel
  • Distillation Equipment Modular Tower Skids and Grade Level Heat Exchanger Skids