Acid Evaporation System Shop Assembly

At Thermal Kinetics, all of our standard processing systems — including equipment for adsorptionevaporationdistillationcrystallization, and specialty processes in any industry — can be custom designed as a modular system to suit your facility.

A modular system is a self-contained process inclusive of vessels, heat exchangers, pumps, piping and controls fully assembled within an integrated steel structure. This approach allows for the independent design and assembly of system parts offsite as modules or skids, which are then transported by truck or pallet in a horizontal configuration and incorporated into a larger application upon arriving at a client’s facility.

The Thermal Kinetics team specializes in configuring any system — no matter how complex — to meet a plant’s strict size, budget, and architectural layout constraints. We work closely with our clients to handle all project details, including stringent structural design criteria for specific geographic locations, and deliver a final modular system that addresses every system element they need for their facility.

Benefits of Integrated Modular Systems

Pre-assembled modular systems offer a number of benefits, including:

  • Lower capital cost for a turn-key project
  • Expedited project delivery time from inception through commissioning
  • Reduced customer engineering commitment

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In trusting Thermal Kinetics to handle the design and assembly process for a new system, our clients are free to focus on achieving other project and business goals. Modular design provides customers with the benefit of higher quality equipment, reduced costs, and minimal production downtime during installation. With a nearly complete system in hand, we can quickly install the module without the lengthy downtime interruptions that an onsite fabrication would require. A modular system, built under strict quality controls during offsite fabrication, offers optimum production with mitigated risks and reduced long-term maintenance. Thermal Kinetics’ experience in process development, equipment design, HAZOP review, and plant operation uniquely positions our team to handle any detailed designs and assembly requirements that our clients may need to address. Our clients rest assured that their designs and constructed systems follow best design practices and certification requirements.

Installation Support and Staff Training

Plant conditions tend to vary widely, with a range of different production demands, raw material offerings, and plant practices in place at each facility. Thermal Kinetics works closely with each client’s operations staff to optimize the operability of their new modular system during commissioning and startup to ensure a seamless installation and launch. Our team includes experienced plant startup and operations personnel to assist clients with installation supervision and startup support. Onsite personnel confirm that equipment and piping are properly installed, working directly with the client to ensure the successful startup of a newly installed system. We also train plant personnel on the correct operation and maintenance of newly installed equipment, and make ourselves available for questions and assistance even after the project is completed.

Partnering with Thermal Kinetics

As a one-stop shop for process equipment, engineering, development, and design, Thermal Kinetics can guide your modular processing project from start to finish. Our past modular work spans a variety of applications and industries, including: Chemical
  • Double Effect Caustic Soda Evaporator
  • Ethylene Glycol Purification System
  • Sorbitol Concentration Skid
Renewable Fuels
  • Cellulosic Fuel Ethanol Dehydration Unit
Food Processing
  • Double Effect Gelatin Finish Evaporator
Industrial Manufacturing
  • Heavy Oil Scrubbing System
Metal Processing
  • Scrubber Columns with Packing and Distributor
  • Deareation Columns with Packing and Distributor
  • Distillation Columns with Structured Packing, Support Grids, and Distributors
  • Solvent Recovery Systems
  • Process Waste Water Solvent Removal Units
  • Gas Scrubbers
To learn more about our modular system’s capabilities and how we can assist with your next processing project, contact Thermal Kinetics today.