Founded in 1999, Thermal Kinetics is a full service development, design, and engineering firm focusing on process equipment for fluid management systems.

At Thermal Kinetics, we are innovation driven and solutions focused. Part of that commitment means putting particular emphasis on process evaluation and development. This is something we recommend for both expansion or optimization of processes or facilities, as well as for designing and building new processes or facilities from the ground up.

Benefits of Process Assessment

Process evaluation and development is an expansive operation that can be applied to existing facilities as effectively as it can be applied to development concepts or plans. It starts with product testing and process overview. In order to conceive of and engineer a process system, it is important to have a thorough understanding of the process’ resultant product and of the process itself. Understanding the process, and the product and its properties, is an important first step — it allows our team of engineers to begin the development process efficiently and effectively, integrating innovative equipment and methodologies right from the start. With a process evaluation, you bring a fresh set of eyes and ideas to your system design. The Thermal Kinetics team — designers, engineers, teaming partners, and other specialists — are experts in separation technologies and heat/mass transfer control process and systems, especially in the chemical, petrochemical, and biomass conversion fields. Our experts will not only help you to design systems but also to improve them, utilizing the most advanced technologies to improve both your products and your ROI. There is room for advancement and improvement in virtually any process; a process assessment will help you to find that opportunity and capitalize on it.

Working with Thermal Kinetics

Thermal Kinetics is an ideal partner for process evaluation and development work. We treat our clients like partners, working with them to find the most effective, innovative, and cost-effective solution. We focus on innovation, making use of only the newest, highest quality, and most reliable components and process approaches. Setting us apart from others is our extensive experience in a range of industries — not only the petrochemical and biomass industries, but in a number of different chemical and renewable fuel sectors, food processing, metal processing, and other industries. To learn more about how Thermal Kinetics can put our advanced process expertise, patented technology integration, and sophisticated process development techniques to work for you in a process evaluation and development scenario, contact us today.

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