The Background: A major OEM had a traditional, military specification flight manual and corresponding checklist that they wanted to modernize via the use of S1000D.

The Challenge: The issue was that not all countries flying the plane wanted the new S1000D product; they wanted to retain the style and format required by MIL-DTL-7700.

The Solution: There would be no way to accurately publish a MIL-DTL-7700 manual from a modern S1000D Common Source Database (CSDB). Twelve weeks later, the RCM Technical Publications team was able to provide the finished product. Using a custom coded, in-house application (patent pending), we converted all the “old” data from SGML to S1000D XML. We ensured all the graphics were fully S1000D compliant. The data could now be viewed on a desktop, laptop, tablet, or even a phone as an Interactive Electronic Technical Publication (IETP).

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