The Background: Mazza Mechanical chose RCM Engineering to design and engineer an industrial cooling system project.

The Challenge: Reduce system fabrication, delivery and installation time resulting in lower overall costs and a competitive edge in the marketplace.

The Solution: RCM utilized the most advanced technologies such as laser scanning and 3D process plant design tools to create a 3D CAD model of a skidded process system. This precise model created by RCM allowed Mazza to fabricate the skid-mounted process system in its shop in a controlled environment, increasing its quality, improving its labor efficiency, and reducing the cost while minimizing fitting needs at the plant site. The 3D site model presented Mazza as very professional, setting it apart from its competition in the eyes of its end customer. Mazza reports that 3D modeling and prefabrication in the shop reduces field fabrication time by up to 70% and significantly reduces overall project schedules.