Thermal Kinetics has provided service to a number of fuel ethanol plants. We have supplied complete DD&E systems, including our proprietary patented processes, to eight separate facilities over the past ten years. With this comes a detailed understanding of all aspects of this area of an ethanol production plant. We have developed proprietary modeling software for the performance of molecular sieve dehydration systems. This is the only known software developed specifically for PVSA in ethanol dehydration based on kinetic data.

Why Thermal Kinetics

  • Several Successful Ethanol Plants in Operation
  • Patented, Measurable EnergySaving Technologies (DDE)
  • Customized Process Solutions
  • Renewable Fuels Experts


  • Process Evaporation
  • Distillation Systems
  • Adsorption Drying Systems – Molecular Sieves
  • Specialized Process Systems
  • Fully Modularized / Skid Mounted Systems

Thermal Kinetics Patents and Integration of Technologies

Known throughout the Ethanol industry as a leader in developing energy-saving processes, Thermal Kinetics Patents include:
  • Ethanol Distillation with Distillers Soluble Solids Recovery Apparatus
  • Improved Adsorption Processes for Dehydration of Alcohol
  • Use of Pressure Swing Adsorption for Water Removal from a Wet Methanol Stream

A Wide Range of Expertise

  • Alcohols – Ethanol, Methanol, Glycerol
  • Grain-based Fuel Ethanol Production
  • Cellulosic-based Fuel Ethanol Production
  • Biodiesel Production
  • Biomass Gasification Processes
  • Biopolymers – Polylactic Acid, Polyhydroxyalkanoates, etc.
  • Chemicals Recovery from Algae Processes
  • Platform Chemicals
  • Fischer – Tropsch Process
  • Pyrolysis
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