Staffing and Contractor Solutions - For temporary and permanet recruitment

You can’t reach your goals without the right people supporting you. Often, you need resources to help you reach your short-term goals. Alternatively, you may need support for a multi-year contract. We are prepared to work with to find the best solution to either situation.

To this day, the use of simplified technical vocabularies and icons are virtually absent and for years there has been no unifying standard to ensure that the style and presentation of the equipment maintenance and operational manuals is uniform throughout the industry.


We listen. We will listen to you and we will vet candidates using our experienced approach. You won’t be presented a potential candidate until we have the confidence that they have the skills to help you succeed.

Uniformity in authoring, graphics and presentation provides the user with a sense of comfort with an established set of expectations. Information is clear, concise, familiar, and available in multiple languages to ensure the end user can process the vital information with the utmost clarity.

Based on the S1000D specification, proven and currently in use by militaries (land, air, and sea) and more recently adopted by civil / commercial platforms across the planet, Shipdex is uniquely positioned to provide solutions to known and customarily accepted voids in seafaring maintenance and operational manuals.


Occasionally you need to recover short-term schedule. Often, you want to test out a candidate and see if they are the right fit. Sometimes it’s simply the potentially immense cost savings you find when hiring contract labor.


That depends on you. Are you interested in hiring skilled laborers, recent grads, seasoned professionals or maybe a recent retiree from your own organization? We are here to support all these approaches. We have you covered.


We specialize in talent placement within the Aerospace Services fields Both CONUS and OCONUS.


Now…or whenever you’re ready. Give us a call. We have dedicated staff ready to serve you.​​​​​​​