RCM recommends, per the S1000D specification, collecting and managing all of your project objects in a product-independent database.

Whether your final delivery is print or electronic, you need your data secured in a Common Source Database (CSDB) built specifically for your goals.

What is a CSDB and why use it?

A CSDB is valuable tool that manages all datatypes; (i.e. descriptive, informational, process and procedural direction, graphics; photos, animations and illustrations).

Data managed properly in a CSDB and IAW with S1000D is not duplicated. During in-service updates, single instances of the data can be confidently edited, infinitely throughout the database.

Ensuring data is updated in only one location avoids potential data-conflicts and quality issues down the road.

The value of a CSDB

Standing up your own authoring system and CSDB can seem overwhelming when considering the long-term cost to purchase and maintain a system.

If you are unsure how long you will actually use/need a system/CSDB or do not have the infrastructure and IT personnel/know-how to install and maintain the system, RCM can help.

Using a common web browser, your personnel will be able to gain secure access to an industry leading authoring system/CSDB safe behind our firewall.

We’ll handle the rest, and that includes ensuring safe, secure encryption, updating software patches and upgrades, and backing up your data. We can even develop custom tools to help automate processes saving you both time and money.

Which CSDB should I use?

Using the SDL CSDB, RCM currently manages content for several of the largest defense companies in the world.

The streamlined workflow minimizes potential data loss/corruption and ensures data integrity by tracking historical changes. Interested in processing data exchanges between CSDBs? We can assist your organization in doing the same.


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