The revel is in the details

Exceptional, class-leading technical publications cannot rely solely on well written copy. RCM generates thousands of graphics annually with precise attention to detail in virtually all industry accepted formats, to include CGMs, SVGs, WebCGM2s, animations and 3D graphics to support our customer deliverables.

Our illustration teams have extensive experience in supporting a wide variety of technical documentation. We are a highly respected supplier that employs illustrators with years of experience developing illustrations from engineering drawings, sketches, CGMs, JPEGs and CAD software.

Using standardized workflows, metric-driven quality initiatives and continuous investment in the most current software, our talented illustrators strive to meet our customer’s expectations by delivering the best value with reliable technical accuracy.

Advanced Multimedia

Our graphics portfolio is constantly evolving to include the most advanced multimedia available. RCM regularly creates interactive schematics (known as point-to-point), and intelligent graphics that carry parts-metadata through use of hot-spotting tools or companion files. What to know more? Ask us about how we can integrate augmented reality into your current product.


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