Why Shipdex and why now?

For generations, Seafarers have been expected to adapt to the generic manuals that OEMs supply. Every supplier seems to author the manuals differently, and to different standards, and many of which may not consider the fit (equipment configuration) for their specific application. Many of these manuals contain equipment photographs in place of what should be vector graphics based on engineering drawings. Revision control is often absent and the language barrier (when manuals are provided in only one language) can manifest in often costly and dangerous results.

To this day, the use of simplified technical vocabularies and icons are virtually absent and for years there has been no unifying standard to ensure that the style and presentation of the equipment maintenance and operational manuals is uniform throughout the industry.

Shipdex: A positive change for the future

Digital information authored to the Shipdex protocol is easily managed throughout the lifecycle of the product. Changes are tracked (for historical review) and can be applied automatically to existing manual databases. This can even be processed remotely ensuring current data is accessed to perform all required functions.

Uniformity in authoring, graphics and presentation provides the user with a sense of comfort with an established set of expectations. Information is clear, concise, familiar, and available in multiple languages to ensure the end user can process the vital information with the utmost clarity.

Based on the S1000D specification, proven and currently in use by militaries (land, air, and sea) and more recently adopted by civil / commercial platforms across the planet, Shipdex is uniquely positioned to provide solutions to known and customarily accepted voids in seafaring maintenance and operational manuals.

I don’t know anything about Shipdex. Where do I start?

We do. You should start with us.

We can provide:

  • Automated conversion solutions using custom in-house applications to convert your existing data to the Shipdex protocol
  • A dedicated team of experts that can generate scalable vector graphics that can be viewed on virtually any digital device
  • Maintenance planning experts and seasoned authors that work directly with your engineers to author new Shipdex manuals
  • Consultation services to help you determine if Shipdex is the right choice for you

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