Experts in hands-on training

Before the techs can turn the first wrench, chase the first spark, or wiggle their first flight control, they’ll need to learn how to use your new manual.

The best place to perform this training? On the product, platform or system of course.

RCM offers training packages that seamlessly integrate with your newly developed procedures. Packaging both products together provides our clients with a more economical approach. One stop shopping enables RCM to create both deliverables, virtually in parallel, saving your organization both time and money.

Students will learn the right way to use the manual and how to perform all related procedures in the safest manner possible.

Our experienced training staff will come to you with prepared courseware. We are ready to educate your team on-site, no matter where in the world that may be. Ready to make a positive move? Give us a call to learn more.

Training the Trainer

Sure, an education is valuable, but tacit knowledge, built on years of experience can be priceless. How can you ensure the next generation of trainers picks up where the experts left off?

Following an initial assessment and implementing the necessary custom modifications, our in-house process is fully transferrable to your organization. We have decades of experience in in creating and providing custom end-user training programs that help companies like yours preserve tribal knowledge.

We have provided instruction on a range of subjects from pilot flight training to bringing newly hired engineers up to speed on how your company does business, to technician specific maintenance. It’s that inside, learned information that typically years of experience can provide. We can help you pass it on to the newer generation…now.

RCM Train the Trainer programs – basic steps

  • Establish the gurus — Regardless of industry, the foundation of our process is the premise that the trainer is a subject matter expert (SME), regardless of the field. These are the individuals who have retained years of powerful information in their minds. We provide the instruments necessary to enable experts to act as informational conduits to the less experienced.
  • Identify the knowledge — Our experts work with the subject matter expert/s to pinpoint and reveal the pertinent knowledge you wish to pass along. We take it from there. Our process will involve documenting the information and using it as a basis to create and deliver professional, easily digestible courseware in a measurable, achievable performance objective format.
  • Engage the workforce — change is accelerated when those asked to change are involved in the evolution. We will engage the workforce, showing the advantages of a cost-driven return on investment (ROI).
  • Transition the experience — we develop customized training that ensures your less experienced workforce will retain their seniors’ knowledge, experience and skills within your organization.

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