Before you can use your brand-new manual or ETM, it’s a good idea to ensure your team knows how to use it. We’d also recommend learning how to use the new material while training on the actual product/platform/system. We can provide both as part of a seamless package. 

It’s more efficient for us to develop the curriculum in parallel with the procedures which makes our approach more economical and ensures a timely delivery. 

Your maintenance engineers/technicians will leave the classroom in confidence knowing that they have the knowledge to safely perform their jobs.

RCM has an experienced training staff that will prepare the courseware and come to you, to train your team on-site, making RCM an even more cost-effective choice.

Training the Trainer

RCM has a long history of setting up and delivering both end-user training and programs that help companies retain tribal knowledge.<br><br>

Programs range from flight training and bringing newly hired engineers up to speed on company tacit knowledge, to technician specific maintenance.

When delivering Train the Trainer programs, we help companies:

Identify the knowledge gurus — This process crosses all industries and is built on the premise that the trainee is a subject matter expert (SME) in any given field. We provide the tools necessary to enable experts to efficiently share the knowledge they spent years acquiring.

Identify the knowledge — work with the SME to uncover and identify applicable knowledge, document pertinent information, and deliver concise content in a performance objective format.

Commit to the time — engage the workforce and show the benefits of a cost-driven ROI.

Transition older more experienced workers and technical professionals — develop the actual “nuts and bolts” training with the goal or retaining their knowledge, experience and skills within the organization