Four Pillars Underpin How We Work: Safety, Quality, Innovation, and Technology


Safety is always at the forefront of our team’s engineering decisions. By using 3D design tools, engineers are able to identify safety hazards more accurately and design measures to better protect workers. The safety analysis performed during engineering is also converted into easy-to-understand videos which can be shown to site teams to increase awareness of safety risks.

3D Intelligent Design

3D design approach allows for benefits throughout the project lifecycle. Engineering teams are able to more accurately visualize project constraints and develop engineering solutions which reduce costs during construction and maintenance. The intelligent 3D models also allow for construction partners to have a much stronger understand of the project scope and sequencing. This increased understanding allows for construction estimates to be developed in a reduced timeframe with increased accuracy.

4D Scheduling

In order to support project scheduling and construction teams, RCM is able to produce 4D schedules by merging together intelligent 3D models with schedules to deliver an intuitive and revolutionary 4D visual scheduling deliverable. 4D visual schedules provide a new insight into how activities are scheduled and how they are progressing in the field. This insight allows for schedulers and stakeholders to immediately understand project risks and effectively mitigate issues.

BIM Engineering

RCM has been utilizing Building Information Modelling (BIM) within it is engineering processes to bring value to our customers’ projects for over 13 years. Utilizing BIM throughout the project lifecycle allows for project management, engineering, construction and maintenance teams insight and visibility to more effectively plan, engineer, construct, and maintain their projects.

Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering uses 3D laser scanning technology to scan and digitize existing sites. The highly accurate output files are then modelled using various CAD tools to develop a working engineering model which can be used for future designs. This approach provides high value for installations which may have incomplete or missing As Built documentation or require the new design to interface with existing elements in an extremely accurate way.

Process Design

Utilizing intelligent 3D design models, processes and procedures can be evaluated prior to the construction phase of the project. This allows for better understand of the activities which will be performed, leading to increased efficiencies during potential outage periods and critical milestones. The 3D design models can also be expanded upon for the operations and maintenance phase of a project to provide valuable training material for teams. Procedures can be converted to highly detailed visual models which provide team members with a more thorough understand of the work which will need to be performed without exposure to site hazards.

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